About Mutual Visual Exposure: Laurent Hou Tells The Tale Of His Shaanxi Series

Laurent Hou's Shaanxi Series was shot in “traditional” documentary style, using only ambient light and catching spontaneous moments. The funeral, the series' focal point, took place across several cloudy days, providing the right light for descriptive photography: No strong highlights, no harsh shadows.

Photographer Laurent Hou explains, "People you photograph expose themselves and their way of life to you and your lens, but you too expose yourself to them." It's all about the vice versa of the visual arts.

About Chinese Art, Censitive Politics And The Coming Out Of Creativity

Graffiti writings spotted behind the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital on Heping Road, Beijing, 2011. Image vi Chinesense.com

Art and politics have always been intertwined; with politics being a quintessential source of inspiration for creative critique par excellence. There are eras in which the connection is more apparent than in others, yet in more recent years artists in China have been expressing their political opinions en masse.