Lao XIE XIE Captures Trending Traditions Among China’s Hot Young Urban Mess

FeaturedLao XIE XIE, 2019. All rights reserved

Visual artist Lao XIE XIE is the son of anarchy, a child of the times showing pragmatic filial piety to the urban fast and furious, only.

About The Destruction Of Convention And The Resuscitation Of a Nation

Featured自怨 自哀 自怜| zì yuàn zì āi zì lián| self-blame, self-mourning, self-pity in Chinese

It can prove quite the tightrope-walk balancing the obscure and the socially acceptable, separating the earnestly edgy wheat from the gratuitously provocative chaff. Xiaowu Zheng, though, is legit.

About Chinese Art, Censitive Politics And The Coming Out Of Creativity

FeaturedGraffiti writings spotted behind the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital on Heping Road, Beijing, 2011. Image vi

Art and politics have always been intertwined; with politics being a quintessential source of inspiration for creative critique par excellence. There are eras in which the connection is more apparent than in others, yet in more recent years artists in China have been expressing their political opinions en masse.