China’s Face Masks: A Taoist Tale Of Social Engagement And Political Protest

Image via China Culture Tour, 2019. All rights reserved

A Chinese masquerade that runs from painted monkey mayhem on the stage to smokin' hot political smog outrage on the streets... Face masks and Chinese culture are inextricably linked.


China’s EDM Scene: The Pounding Sub-Bass Source That Sends Heads Spinning

Berlin-based Chinese DJ BB Deng via IG:, 2019. All rights reserved

Once a country dominated by pop (and though it still has a dominant position in the market), it seems China’s music scene is becoming more diverse. Rave 'n Roll!

China’s Urban Landscape: Driven By Political Vanity Or A Field Of Green Dreams?

China's Ghost Towns. Image via ZED Books.

"Leading by example": The demolition of Beijing's hutongs. Stripping the inner city of its core urban culture aimed to facilitate the introduction of a uni-sized business "ecology". Architecture as a government tool in both China's national image-crafting and modern mindset-creating.